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Don’t ignore AWS training it will cost you a career

With the changing times the cloud platforms which were once considered to be used ‘if necessary’ have grown to be an essential component in any business enterprise. However, the competence to be able to utilize the benefits the cloud platforms offer; are some core skills to be acquired like abilities to design, manage and deploy the applications in cloud platforms. AWS stands as an unbeatable cloud provider and a market leader with unmatched services and benefits to its users. It is treated as a point of reference to the competitors in the market as per analysts like Gartner. AWS leads the public cloud domain and presents certifications to explore the cloud architecture and expertise in the applications with 12 certifications. These certifications include fundamentals and specialty cloud computing.

5 Reasons to get AWS certification 

Get started with the AWS training now utilize to the benefits from the certification in job search, better prospects, business development, and career growth. The certification ensures that you stand out from the crowd and be ahead of the competition with a fair advantage to achieve your career and business goals.

For example, managers who are AWS certified have knowledge of AWS and can manage the resources that require AWS which gives expertise and higher income.

Here are the 5 best reasons to learn the amazing AWS courses that are useful not only for beginners but also for cloud professional to level up in career path or business.

Amplified Migration of businesses to AWS 

All the businesses whether big or small are moving to cloud platforms as the growth rate of the cloud services is expected to reach 17.5 %. Though the companies are migrating to cloud services they are not able to reap all the benefits due to a lack of expertise which requires customized services.  To transition the companies from the traditional IT infrastructure to the advanced cloud platforms professionals with expertise in cloud services are highly in-demand. They are treated as an asset to the company with great value.

IT Professionals can’t overlook Cloud Computing

With the advancement in technology like innovative and high-end Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning acting as a driving force to focus on the cloud, it is inevitable for IT professionals or anyone seeking a career in IT to overlook the cloud. As per Forbes; half of IT professionals think cloud computing adoption is highly required due to the enormous emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Thus acquiring knowledge especially in the AWS cloud will make the IT professional ready for the future.

AWS accelerates as highest Growing Public Cloud Service

The first cloud service provider is AWS making it far ahead of its competitors like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It has the highest number of developers on the platform within the first year of inception. Since then AWS has been the market leader in the cloud platforms. AWS records 13.5 billion profits in Q4 2020 which speaks loud about the future and it explains why it must be pursued.

AWS stands as the leader in cloud adoption

AWS alone acquires a lion’s share in the cloud infrastructure by obtaining a third of it. As compared with the software as a Service (SaaS) market the IaaS still has not acquired half of the market therefore it has greater potential for business growth. If the AWS market continues to grow as it has been since the beginning then it will have amplified growth in the future as well. The market trends and the potential of growth make it a factual reason for IT professionals to choose AWS as a career path and it would be a safe option for businesses and individuals to grow.

Great accessibility and reasonable pricing

Anyone who wishes to learn and obtain hands-on experience in the AWS platform has the feasibility to have a free-tier account. This account gives individuals to utilize some of the free AWS services with a lifetime accessibility benefit. AWS provides plenty of choices for anyone interested to learn it; with premium accounts that are priced annually, there are some purposeful services available on a free trial basis. Some of these services are EC2, Elastic load balancing, S3, and Amazon RDS. While these services come with a limited version to learn whatever is available is enough to gain knowledge about the service offer with the flexible pay-as-you-use service.