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Everything you need to know about CCNA

What is CCNA?

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate is the certification course provided by Cisco, is one of the world’s leading providers of technology solutions. CCNA is an intermediate stage or an associate level professional qualification. The usage of CCNA is aimed to build the knowledge and also to assess the same. CCNA is a certification course that demonstrates one’s capability to grasp hardware intricacy. This accredits that an individual knows how to address hardware issues, has experience of the establishment and maintenance. After training the student will operate on every network of routers, firewalls, servers, etc. CCNA qualification shows that the person is worthy of troubleshooting backend equipment.

What is the scope of CCNA? 

CCNA’s scope can never fade, because it is a fundamental training course for network engineers, the job range is vast not just in India but across the world. CCNA is a necessity for IT professionals which can’t be overlooked. The certificate has a lot of value, if you are pursuing CCNA and CCNP a better choice is to opt for Global certification. The inclusion of these courses will contribute positively to your profile. A precise approach to improving your career is by doing CCNA Routing and Switching, next the CCNA Security and last CCNP Security as the certification of CCNA and CCNP have a high regard in any company.

Who should do CCNA?

The eligibility of the CCNA course is 12th pass but an ideal degree in programming or BTech will provide you with the fundamentals of networking and comprehension making it easy to complete the course.

What are the types of jobs for CCNA graduates can expect?

Networking certainly plays a vital position in engineering and competes with other innovations. With more than 80 percent of companies seeking networking experts, it appears to be a promising sector for career prospects. Career opportunities vary from small to large companies, including the public sector. As a network engineer, you will start your career at an entry-level position, and then you will begin to progress to the next stage.

Network engineer – The job role requires professionals to check the installation and maintenance of networks in a company. 
Network data engineer – The job role requires the professional to troubleshoot server problems.
Network field technician – The job role is to troubleshoot system problems but it also requires traveling. 
Infrastructure project manager – The job requires the professional to deliver high-end infrastructure for corporate projects. 
WAN administrator – The job role predominantly requires the professional to work on the routing of cables and switches on WAN networks. 
Network security analyst – The job role requires coordinating with the IT department to troubleshoot, maintain, and secure the network.

Which companies are hiring CCNA graduates?

CCNA being an expertise required by many companies the opportunities are numerous. Presently for the position of Network Engineer, the following companies are hiring:

First American (India)
24 7 Customer
IBM India Pvt. Limited
Wells Fargo

What is the exam code of CCNA?

The exam code of CCNA is 200-301 CCNA.

What is CCNA Enterprise?

The CCNA Enterprise is nothing but routing and switching. It is the certification of CCNA that builds the competence of the learner in data networking services according to industry requirements. CCNA is the path ahead for someone who wants to make a career in data networking.

What is the difference between old and new CCNA certification?

There is a big contrast between the old CCNA and the current CCNA. The current CCNA provides a more organized learning approach that facilitates the learner to gain coherence about the subject he selects. 

There is a huge difference between the old CCNA and the New CCNA. The New CCNA offers a more structured path of learning which enables the learner to have clarity in the domain he chooses. The prime difference is old CCNA offered different tracks to choose from however switching the track was not possible for the learner. The old CCNA has a mandate of basic knowledge of routing and switching track. 

Cisco announced that from 24th February 2020 aspirants can avail only one CCNA certification course which will be enough to provide knowledge on networking.

The new CCNA 200-301 promises industry-ready professionals after the certification. The course includes Automation and Network Programmability.

What are the new topics in CCNA Enterprise?

CCNA is a dynamic course that offers the foundational knowledge to the aspirants. With time Cisco has added new topics in the course to enhance the learning and to make aspirants job-ready. CCNA 200-301 exam has 120 questions in total. It comprises of many topics like routing and switching, security, wireless networking, and programming. 
The new topics in CCNA Enterprise are:

Network Fundamentals – routers, switches, cabling, TCP and UDP, IPv4 and IPv6
IP Connectivity – IP routing, OSPFv2
IP Services – NTP, DHCP, QoS, SNMP
Security Fundamentals – VPNs, wireless security, port security
Network Access – VLANs and trunking, EtherChannel
Automation and Programmability – REST APIs, Puppet, Chef, JSON, SDN

How should I choose a CCNA trainer?

Cisco certified trainers should be your choice for CCNA training. A certified Cisco trainer will give you the required training to pass the exam.

Cisco trainers can be classified into three types:

Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI)
Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI)
Independent Trainers unaffiliated with Cisco

The trainer must have passed the exam with a minimum 85% of score
He or she must have been an instructor at least for one exam in the Academy partner’s site as a primary or secondary instructor.
He or she must possess a valid membership.
The trainer must demonstrate the knowledge and skills required.
Trainer must be able to guide not only with the subject but also the industry.

How to identify a good CCNA Institute?

A reputed training institute and mainly a qualified and experienced trainer are the top factors to select an institute.
Check if they are cisco network training partners
Have a look at the labs 
Ask for certified training faculty
Know about the placement management
Enquire about the Institute’s ranking i.e.; brand value
Get details of the course duration
Get information about the batch size and timings
Keep Location in mind
Check the fee structure
Find out the placement record
Find out the company tie-ups if they have any

What certification to do after CCNA Enterprise?

Career guidance is crucial, try to consult a career counsellor to understand the pulse of the market and to get a better idea of how to put your strengths to get a job. There are many ways to grow in the career ladder. You can take up a job as soon as you finish the CCNA training and work along with continuing higher training. As networking is always required in the industry if you are certified by Cisco you are already on the path to success. However, for a stronger career, it is advisable to take CCNP and then CCIE training after CCNA.

What is Cisco?

Cisco headquartered in California is a company that manufactures and renders technology and services, builds, and develops exclusive products in the networking sector. It was founded by two computer scientists at Stanford University. The company specializes in Networking, software, IoT, mobility and wireless, security, telecom, computing, and cloud. Cisco since the inception has been the leader in the networking industry providing solutions to connect from different devices in different networks. Accessibility and efficient development of its own infrastructure has been made possible with the end to end networking solutions provided by cisco. The sending and receiving of information has become easy with Cisco. The Cisco Certifications in training that are most popular are CCNA, CCNP, DevNet, CyberOps these certifications are offered at different levels. Anyone who is certified from Cisco in any of the trainings will have a bundle of placement opportunities. Cisco is known for the free training program it provides. The training which is called NetAcad is spread all over the world. More than 1.6 million students were enrolled in the is an e-learning course providing web-based training for internet technology.

How old is the CCNA Certification?

The First CCNA certification course started in the year 1998 in Philadelphia at an event for networking. Therefore it is a 22-year-old certification which has been evolved ever since to meet the requirements of the newer generation.

Can I go abroad with CCNA?

Yes, there are multiple opportunities to work abroad after completing CCNA, You can either go through consultancy, or placements by the training center or through job portals.Post navigation