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Welcome to Cisco CCNA, CCIE & CCNP Training Institute – Inter Networkz

Inter Networkz is a Premium Global Technology Training institute, having world renowned Networking and Security labs for end to end comprehensive study. We are the pioneers as well as one of the top networking institutes in Bangalore and India in Authorised Training. We guarantee best quality education with various career oriented certification, Graduation and Diploma programs in Network Engineering, IT Security and Computer Aided Designing, aligned with the latest demands and requirements of the current IT and Corporate scenario.

We are an Authorised Training Centre for global Networking and IT Security giants like Cisco, Microsoft and EC Council, we give a wide range of Certifications and Training programs from Entry level to Expert levels, laying importance on advanced infrastructure and quality delivery.

Why Inter Networkz
1. Authorised Training Center for CISCO, MICROSOFT, EC     Council
2. EC Council Accredited Training Pratner
3. Authorised Testing Center for PEARSON VUE and     Prometric
4. Authorised Courseware from Global Vendors
5. Vocational Training Provider (VTP ID 529200191 ) for Govt     of India
6. 24x7 labs with the latest Infrastructure

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September 2016 WEEKDAY BATCHES
Course :Course D
  • Start Date : 1/11/2016
  • Start Date : 12/11/2016
  • Start Date : 13/12/2016
  • Start Date : 1/12/2016
Course :Course E
  • Start Date : 12/11/2016
  • Start Date : 11/12/2016
  • Start Date : 15/12/2016
  • Start Date : 22/12/2016
Course :Course F
  • Start Date : 12/10/2016
  • Start Date : 21/12/2016
  • Start Date : 22/12/2016
  • Start Date : 28/12/2016
Course :Course G
  • Start Date : 05/11/2016
  • Start Date : 08/11/2016
  • Start Date : 10/12/2016
  • Start Date : 12/12/2016
Course :Course A
  • Start Date : 12/10/2016
  • Start Date : 15/10/2016
  • Start Date : 22/11/2016
  • Start Date : 20/12/2016
Course :Course C
  • Start Date : 16/10/2016
  • Start Date : 12/11/2016
  • Start Date : 26/11/2016
  • Start Date : 04/12/2016
Course :Course B
  • Start Date : 02/11/2016
  • Start Date : 10/11/2016
  • Start Date : 12/12/2016
  • Start Date : 15/12/2016
Course :Course H
  • Start Date : 10/11/2016
  • Start Date : 12/11/2016
  • Start Date : 15/12/2016
  • Start Date : 22/12/2016

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    Cisco is the market leader in Digital Network and Communication Infracstructure and has been market leaders since a decade. Cisco… read more


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Amalet Urichka Zita

Hi, I am Zita from the Republic of Gabon, a student of Inter-Networkz. I did my CCNA ..



Tahim Akhtar

Inter-networkz is the best and peaceful course provider which not only provided good ..

Christy Philip Mathew

CEH gives the very basic idea of getting into the mindset of hackers and ECSA will he..

Prabheesh Pangott

I would like to express my gratitude for the training that I received from Inter-netw..

Aymeric Tabourin

I followed a 10 days program in CEH training at Internetworkz, which was finished on ..

Aymeric Tabourin CEH, France
Aymeric Tabourin

This is regarding the ECSA training i recieved from Internetworkz, Bangalore. ECSA is..

Ashish Murthy

I have joined Internetworkz for the CCIE course and found the training to be very use..


Hi I am Manjunath. I enrolled for MCITP course in Internetworkz and had a very good l..

Manjunath MCITP
Pradeep Sharma

I would like to express my gratitude for the training that I received from Internetwo..

Pradeep Sharma CCNP, CCIE
Joseph Chagas Silva

I had enrolled myself for the CCNA course in Inter-networkz in Jan 2010. I found the ..

R. Saminathan

Hi, I am R.Saminathan and am doing my CCNP at Internetworkz, BNGLR. After finishing m..


Hi, i am veerappan and i have finished my CCNA from Inter Networkz. I have been quite..

John Marshall

Hi, I joined InterNetworkz after my graduation and did CCNA and CCNP courses from her..


Hi, i am Gagan and I have completed my online tutorials in CCNA from Internetworkz. M..

Arpana B.R.

Hi, I did my CCNA at Internetworkz and got placement following certification. Interne..

Seneer C.K.

The MCITP and CCNA training that i had at Inter-networkz was really interesting and u..

Prabahakar Patil

I joined Internetworkz 2 months back and i got good training in CCNA. My learning exp..

Renuga Devi

The CCNA training that i had in the Inter-networkz was really interesting and useful...


Hi, i’m Adhinan and am a proud student of Internetworkz. Being certified in CCNA & ..

Binu Francis

Hi, I thank Inter-networkz for providing me a platform to enhance my skills and an en..

Binu Francis CCNP, MCITP
Vikram Prasad

“Inter-networkz is one of the best institutes i have found. I got all the required ..

Vikram Prasad CCIE#33585
Mayur Manjunath

Hi, i am Mayur. I did my CCNA from Inter-Networkz. After i finished my graduation, I ..

Susmita Jain

I find Inter-networkz a very good institute for Networking. I got all the required eq..

Susmita Jain CCIE#18825
Nithin R. P

Hi, I’m CCNA certified from Inter-networkz. And i have finished my CCNP training as..

Nithin R. P CCNA, CCNP.
Santhosh B

Hi, I am Santhosh B, a B.TECH (ECE)graduate.I am happy to say that I have done my CCN..

Santhosh B B.TECH (ECE), CCNA, CEH
Vaseem Mulla

Hi,I am Vaseem, a student of Inter-networkz. I had joined CCNA Security course in Int..

Abubaker Siddique

Hi, I had joined internetworkz in March 2012 for CCNA and CCNP (R&S) . The experience..

Abubaker Siddique CCNA, CCNP-R&S
Prashant Kirsur

Dear Internetworkz,I would like to inform you that I have got selected at Engage IT S..

Prashant Kirsur (Cisco certified Network Associate)
Jamseer Ali

Hi, I am so excited to say about the days which i spend at Inter-networkz.One of my f..

Jamseer Ali CCNA,MCITP
Seneer CK

The MCITP and CCNA training that i had in the Inter-networkz was really interesting a..

Alshazali Abd- Alwhab

“..It has been great pleasure to pass CCIE from first attempt July 2012, My thanks ..

Alshazali Abd- Alwhab CCIE#36055, CCIE(R&S)
Amrit G

Hi, I chose networking as i have an interest in it and plan to make a career in it. I..

Amrit G CCNA
Odunaye Abdulrahman,

I am very happy today because my hard work and rigorous training at Internetworkz pai..

Odunaye Abdulrahman, (CCIE #50238)
Sudheer S, CCIE R&S Certified

Finally, after many months of study, hundreds of hours of practice, now I am proud to..

Mohammed Babiker Zainalabdeen,

Hi, I am Mohammed Babiker Zainalabdeen from Republic of Sudan, a student of Inter-Net..

Sagar Shah, CCIE R&S Certified

This year I set myself a challenge of becoming a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expe..

Travis K

Hi this is Travis K, I passed my CCIE Security recently. Thanks to InterNetworkz. I s..

Travis K (CCIE#43674)
Gautam Hazarika, CCIE R&S Certified

I am proud to say that after dedication and a lot of hard work – late nights and ea..