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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inter Networkz Training?

Inter Networkz provides a core set of educational courses designed to help you master the practical steps necessary for creating, maintaining and defending your systems and networks against the most dangerous threats – the ones being actively exploited. The courses provided at Inter Networkz are world recognized certification courses of Cisco®, Microsoft®, Checkpoint® and others.

What are the courses provided at Inter Networkz?

Please see our Pick a Course (https://www.inter-networkz.com/course-gallery/ ‎)

Where can I find information about the Inter Networkz Masters Programs?

The URL for the diploma programs is (https://www.inter-networkz.com/mdns/)

How do the tracks/courses relate to each other?

The courses can be taken either independently, or in series as they are designed accordingly. We encourage students to take individual courses if they want to focus on specific areas of interest or responsibility. Or, courses can be taken sequentially, to provide a progressive education in information networking and security, from basic concepts to in-depth technical knowledge.

Do I have to take N+ courses before I take any Subject Area courses in Cisco certifications?

No. N+ is a good starting point if you are new to networking, or if you want a broad overview of networking topics as opposed to focusing on a specific technology, but it is not a prerequisite. We encourage our students to choose the course they like in the order of their preference.

Do I have to take the whole track, or can I take a course out of a track?

No.Students may take a course out of a track and not necessarily the whole track.

Are there any prerequisites for the courses?

Officially Inter Networkz does not have any prerequisites for our courses. The technical level of the course must be clear to the students before they take up the course of their choice. Eg:-CCNA is intended as an introductory level track for those just getting started in networking.

How does the onsite training work?

Inter Networkz on-site training is a cost-effective alternative to our classroom training intended for college students and corporates. If your organization or educational institution has 25 or more people (35 or more people outside Bangalore) who have similar training needs, then consider Inter Networkz on-site training at your facility.

Can you tell me what percentage of your trained students have got certified?

InterNetworkz has certified approximately 94% of our trained students in various courses at different levels.

What is a Bootcamp Session?

A Bootcamp session is a hands-on session held in the evening, allowing students to utilize the knowledge gained throughout the course with the help of an instructor. Laptops are an integral requirement.

Are Bootcamp sessions optional?

Students who are attempting certification, we would highly recommend the Bootcamp sessions, even though they are optional. Students can reiterate what they learn during the day sessions in the hands on sessions we provide.

What is the purpose of the Bootcamp?

We give additional information related to the certification training to our students in our Bootcamp sessions.

Are Bootcamp sessions open to the general public?

Yes.The session can be taken up by anyone with interest in networking and security.

If I take the course, do I have to take the certification?

Inter Networkz Training and Certifications are separate programs .We are a premier Networking and IT Security institute in India, who can train you to take up the certifications of Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft,  Checkpoint, EC Council etc. Inter Networkz Training is intended to provide students with the best available education in the key areas of network security. For people who want to demonstrate their ability for themselves, or for a current or prospective employer, our certifications are designed to provide an objective “benchmark” to show that an individual meets a minimum standard of skill and knowledge. Students have to clear the certification exams to get certified though they have attended the training.

Does Inter Networkz have group discount program?

We offer the following group discounts for registering multiple people for the same program:

4 or more people – 7%
8 or more people -12%
12 or more people -15%
More than 20-25%

To register with a discount you must: Register at the same time within 48 hours

What payment options are available for Inter Networkz training?

We accept credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Diners Club), cheques, Demand Drafts(which needs to be drawn in favour of “Covenant Network Technologies Pvt Ltd”.

How do I register for a course?

The Inter Networkz Home page (https://www.inter-networkz.com/careers/apply-now/). Complete the registration form and submit.

How much does the training cost?

Training cost vary depending on what track and course you choose, and when you register & pay. In order to find out how much the track/course fee is you can contact us. Our contact details can be accessed from the link below:


I’m looking for specific information, where’s the best place to start?

The majority of information on the Inter Networkz site is accessible directly from Inter Networkz home page. There are links to all major areas of the site There is also a site search engine available in the top right corner of most pages on the Inter Networkz web site, the search engine that lets you search the entire Inter Networkz web site to locate the information you need.

Where is the best place to find new information/events?

All information and events that are new to the Inter Networkz web site can be found at the bottom of the home page

Where can I find employment opportunities at Inter Networkz?

We post employment opportunities at (https://www.inter-networkz.com/careers/)

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