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Technology Training  plays an important role in a country’s progress. Investments in Training and Education especially something as fundamental as the communications infrastructure help in fundamentally building a nation. The communications infrastructure commonly known as BACKBONE is the foundation for powerful business possibilities pushing the nation’s economy to the maximum potential and this is where information technology infrastructure management expertise come in (communication network engineering).

Therefore quality in information technology infrastructure management training and education empowers technological development. In case of Information Technology, it not only brings about powerful advancements and growth in every field, but also radically changes approach, perception and execution of any project. Advances in information technology directly affect every field. It is therefore very important that all parties involved in education, employment, and industry, need to pay special attention to technology training. There has to be special initiatives and continuous efforts to drive technology education, especially in the field of network engineering as IT education necessitates the need to learn and update enormously.

A strong community of information technology communication experts is the mandate for a strong sustainable technology boom in our nation and across the world.  The need for network engineers stand at 350,000 in India alone.  In that respect, we  at Covenant Technologies, envisioned by this powerful opportunity, created Inter-Networkz, a next generation technology training firm.  The one focus was to create a brand known for quality delivery of technology training supported by world class infrastructure, state of the art equipments, and highly certified and experienced trainers. Leveraging and focussing on all these aspects, Inter-Networkz has been pioneer in the technology training industry for delivering high quality training and set a benchmark in the technology training industry. It is recognized as a leading networking institute in India.

Having done the above and knowing the strong market potential for good quality technology training, Inter-Networkz now invites training partners all over India and internationally.
The features of the partnership can be spoken in five points mentioned below:

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The CCNA training that i had in the Inter-networkz was really interesting and useful...

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Hi, I thank Inter-networkz for providing me a platform to enhance my skills and an en..

Binu Francis CCNP, MCITP

“Inter-networkz is one of the best institutes i have found. I got all the required ..

Vikram Prasad CCIE#33585

Hi, i am Mayur. I did my CCNA from Inter-Networkz. After i finished my graduation, I ..

I find Inter-networkz a very good institute for Networking. I got all the required eq..

Susmita Jain CCIE#18825

Hi, I’m CCNA certified from Inter-networkz. And i have finished my CCNP training as..

Nithin R. P CCNA, CCNP.

Hi, I am Santhosh B, a B.TECH (ECE)graduate.I am happy to say that I have done my CCN..

Santhosh B B.TECH (ECE), CCNA, CEH

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Abubaker Siddique CCNA, CCNP-R&S

Dear Internetworkz,I would like to inform you that I have got selected at Engage IT S..

Prashant Kirsur (Cisco certified Network Associate)

Hi, I am so excited to say about the days which i spend at Inter-networkz.One of my f..

Jamseer Ali CCNA,MCITP

The MCITP and CCNA training that i had in the Inter-networkz was really interesting a..


“..It has been great pleasure to pass CCIE from first attempt July 2012, My thanks ..

Alshazali Abd- Alwhab CCIE#36055, CCIE(R&S)

Hi, I chose networking as i have an interest in it and plan to make a career in it. I..

Amrit G CCNA

I am very happy today because my hard work and rigorous training at Internetworkz pai..

Odunaye Abdulrahman, (CCIE #50238)

Finally, after many months of study, hundreds of hours of practice, now I am proud to..

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Travis K (CCIE#43674)

I am proud to say that after dedication and a lot of hard work – late nights and ea..

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