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CCIE Hall Of Fame

CCIE Hall of Fame

CCIE Training Institute in Bangalore. The best in CCNA and CCNP Enterprise coaching.


It has been great pleasure to pass CCIE from first attempt July 2012, My thanks go out to InterNetworkz Team, I have got CCNA, CCNP and CCIE all within 30 months, I am proud to be guided by such respected trainers and instructors, grateful to God for surrounding me with quality people. My special thanks go to my trainer who helped me very much to make it possible. My counselor is the best person I have ever met, finally I would like to thank INDIA the country next to my heart, my friends, classmates and neighbors who made my stay memorable.”

Alshazali Abd - Alwhab
I find Inter-networkz a very good institute for Networking. I got all the required equipments and assistance that i needed for my CISCO courses. The trainer was very helpful and technically qualified. With his help and knowledge, I was able to get certified in my CCIE R&S in sept 2007.Thanks to all the Inter-Networkz team and my trainer.
Susmita Jain
CCIE R&S #33585
I find Inter-Networkz one of the best institutes. I got all the required equipments and assistance that i really needed for my cisco courses. Best thing i got here is the trainer who is the key for my success. With his help and his knowledge of strong & clear concepts, i got certified in CCNA,CCNP and finally CCIE R&S in Jan 2012. Thanks to Inter-Networkz team and Anand Sir.

Hi, I am Renjith Raju. I have done my CCIE from InterNetworkz and cleared my CCIE R&S lab exam. I’d like to thank the instructors at Inter Networkz for their excellent coaching. Special thanks to my trainer for his encouragement, advice and clarity of concepts. The lab facilities have been extremely good. The staff, Counselors and other members are very co-operative and friendly.

Renjith Raju
CCIE # is 24207

I happy because I reached what I came for and that was with the efforts of Internetworkz, I’m really thankful to Internetworkz. Mr. Prakash helped me a lot during my preparation, thank you Prakash thank you Internetworkz, thanks to all Internworkz wonderful team. Thanks Sheeja (Training Manager), you are doing a nice job, you helped me a lot.

Salah Addin El-Shekeil
CCIE #22514

ببرنامج الدبلوم العالي لهندسة الشبكات. ولقد أكملت جميع الدورات بنجاح واجتزت الإمتحان العملي و حصلت على درجة خبير 75;لشبكات (CCIE). أود أن أشكر ادارة المعهد على دعمهم المتواصل, واتصح كل من لديه الوغبة في عمل هذه الدورة للاتحاق بمعهد متى يجد المساعدة ا لمطلوبة. وتمنيائى بالتوفيق.

أشرف ابراهيم أحمد
CCIE #22514

I have joined the Higher Diploma Program for Network Engineering of Inter Networkz Institute. I have completed all courses successfully and passed the practical test and got a degree of network expert (CCIE). I would like to thank the Department of the Institute for their continued support, and I have found all necessaries for this course and the required assistance.

Ashraf Ibrahim Ahmed
CCIE # 23128

Hi, Passed CCIE R&S on my first attempt on 8th Jan 2009. Thanks to Mr.Prakash, the CCIE trainer, Mr.Arun and the staff and members at Internetworkz who made it possible. The guys at Internetworkz had more faith in me than myself. It took me 8 months of intense training under the guidance of Mr.Prakash, who is much more like a friend than a instructor. Prakash’s classes, serious reading and instense labbing was the key. Thanks Internetworkz, for the the help, the support, and for being my motivation.

Syed Mohammed Uqba