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Paramount cloud computing training – AWS to augment career

An extensively used cloud platform- AWS is the leading cloud services provider. It allows developers to access over 170 AWS services from anywhere. With users and customers from all over the world comprising companies and government organizations. It provides businesses with scalable and affordable cloud services.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing refers to the usage of the internet for storage, databases, intelligence, and analytics. It allows businesses to utilize the benefits of the cloud platform to maintain and secure their data instead of using proprietary hard drives. Through remote management it helps the users to access the databases from any part of the world.

AWS offers users services on-demand making them store, compute, and deliver content while promoting business growth.

What services does AWS offer?

They are plenty of cloud services that AWS provides few of them are:

  • Management tools
  • Database
  • Developer tools
  • Compute service
  • Networking and delivery of content
  • Storage
  • Security tools

What certifications does AWS offer?

Presently there are a total of 12 certification courses that AWS offers to the aspirants. They are divided into three categories after Foundation certification like Associate level certification, and Professional level certification and Speciality certification.

· AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


· AWS Certified Developer

· AWS Certified SysOps Administrator 

· AWS Certified Solutions Architect 


· AWS Certified DevOps Engineer 

· AWS Certified Solutions Architect 


· AWS Certified Advanced Networking 

· AWS Certified Security 

· AWS Certified Machine Learning 

· AWS Certified Database 

· AWS Certified Data Analytics 

· AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder 


 Obtaining a certification in AWS keeps you ahead in the learning curve and the career path as you get expert-level training and hands-on experience that prove excellence. These role-based programs offered by AWS are designed especially for architects, developers, and administrators additionally these roles have a defined path in the hierarchy. The growth starts from the entry role, the associate level, and the expert or the professional level. It is advised to attempt training before taking up the exams for these courses.

Levels of certifications and eligibility

Developer /Sysops Admin or Solutions Architect – Entry Level – It teaches the basics and the fundamentals of AWS products and services while giving hands-on experience that makes the aspirant competent to make the right decisions in the IT sector. 

The Course is for:

· Non-technical background aspirants

· Must articulate the importance of AWS

· SysOps Developers and Administrators

Intermediate Level – Developer Associate – It validates the competence of the aspirant based on applications on the AWS platform for its maintenance and development.

The Course is for:

· Minimum 1+ years of hands-on experience in maintenance and designing AWS-based applications

· Expert knowledge of at least 1 high-level programming language

· Knowledge of core AWS services

· Expertise in deployment, design, and development of a cloud-based solution 

Intermediate Level – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Is useful for people who have fair knowledge in designing distributed systems and applications on the AWS platform.

The Course is for:

· Must possess 1+ years of experience on AWS in the fields of designing economical, scalable, available, and fault-tolerant distributed systems.

. Expert knowledge of at least 1 high-level programming language

· Must possess the knowledge to work on an application on AWS to detect and define it.

· Must be able to deploy hybrid systems with on-premises and AWS components.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- An individual carrying this certification validates the knowledge of operations, management, and deployment based on the AWS platform. 

The Course is for:

. Minimum of 1+ years of experience in the application in AWS cloud platforms

. Must know about maintenance and operations of systems ones.

Expert Level – The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – The certification showcases expertise in management, operations, and provisioning of distributed application systems on the AWS platform.

The Course is for:

· Must be AWS Certified Developer in Associate level or the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator with Associate credentials.

· Minimum of 2+ years of experience in provisioning operations, and the management of AWS services.

· Proficient in developing codes in a minimum of 1 high-level programming language.

· Proven knowledge through programming/ scripting in automation and testing.

· Possess knowledge in agile and development methodologies.

Expert Level – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – It certifies that the individual possesses expertise in technical skills and abilities to design distributed systems and applications on the AWS platform.

The Course is for:

· The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential

· Minimum of 2+ years of experience in designing and deploying cloud architecture on AWS

· Must possess skills to understand and share suggestions in the architecture in the cloud applications for implementation, deployment, and the provisioning.