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Local Accommodation

Bangalore for CCNA/CCNP Training

Bangalore or commonly known as Bengaluru – the Garden City of India, is nestled in the southern part of the state of Karnataka, in South India. It is the capital of the state, holding a place of prime prominence among the major cities of India. It is 3000 feet above sea level and boasts of a comfortable climate throughout the year when compared to the other cities of India which have a climate fluctuating between the far extremes.

Inter Networkz is a leading Networking and IT Security institute in Bangalore, India. It is one of the few recognized CCIE Training Centre in Bangalore giving expert level training. Students or professionals interested candidates in various courses of Networking and IT security can visit our course gallery. Our institute is located in the prime area of Bangalore city which is the heart of the city as well. Hence it is easily accessible from all quarters of the city.

Inter Networkz arranges for accommodation for all its international students and assists the students to get comfortably settled down. Bangalore has a wide range of accommodation starting from five star standard to the standard catering to the common man, be it hostel facilities, serviced apartments or budget/star hotels. The prices depend on the type of accommodation and their location in the city. The accommodation in the heart of the city is on a higher budget mainly because of its location being accessible from all parts of the city.
The students are welcome to choose their accommodation of their choice as per their budget preference and comfort level. The cost is paid directly to the hostel/serviced apartment/hotel.

To get a rough picture of the local accommodation available in the city, their costs and other details, you can go through the file linked below:

Service Provided

Financing, Marketing, Tax Advising, Consulting

Project Timeline

5 Days planning, and 1 month for completion

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