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CCIE Related Questions Answered

What is CCIE?

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE certification), is a professional certification for people looking for a career in IT, Normally CCIE can be chosen only after CCNA and CCNP because it is a high-level certification involving designing, building, implementing and resolving complex technical issues. It is a senior-level certification course which is the crux for networking infrastructures.
The CCIE certification consists of a series of learning’s it is categorized in six tracks. The following are the tracks of the CCIE program.

CCIE Collaboration
CCIE Datacenter,
CCIE Routing and switching,
CCIE  Security,
CCIE  Service provider,
CCIE  Wireless

Cisco CCIE course is an expert level course being upgraded regularly. CCIE professionals are required in the industry all over the world. 

CCIE Collaboration

CCIE Collaboration pertains to the requirements of architects and networking engineers who are experts in voice, video, and unified communications. The certification builds knowledge in the professional to plan, implement, and operate very critical collaboration solutions. The certification makes the professional a champion in the integration and interoperation of the collaboration solutions.

Written Exam Duration for the Cisco CCIE Collaboration is 2 hours 
Lab Exam duration is 8 hours

Topics covered are:

CCIE Data Center

CCIE Data Center is useful for IT professionals who design, plan, and implement for data center infrastructure. The course involves a detailed study of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity, fabric infrastructure, storage networking, planning network services, automation, and orchestration. The professional will deploy the LAN and SAN connectivity in the network.

Written exam on data center infrastructure 2 hours 
Lab Exam duration is 8 hours
Topics covered are:
Troubleshooting complex data center topologies.

CCIE Routing and Switching

This is the highest degree one can receive in routing and switching track, a person who completed this course will be certified professional at an expert level. It guarantees that the professional carrying the certificate has thorough knowledge in planning, troubleshooting, and configuring of the network infrastructure.

 Written exam on CCIE Routing and Switching is for 2 hours 
Lab Exam duration is 8 hours
Topics covered are:

 Network Principles
 Layer 2 Technologies
 Layer 2 multicast
 Layer 2 WAN circuit technologies
 Layer 3 Technologies
 Layer 3 multicast
 Fundamental routing concepts
 RIP (v2 and v6)
 EIGRP (for IPv4 and IPv6)
 OSPF (v2 and v3)
VPN Technologies
Infrastructure Security
Network security
Infrastructure Services
Quality of service
Network services
Network optimization

CCIE Security

CCIE Security is a certification specified for developing knowledge of engineers to perform core functions like architecture, implementation, resolve the full-suite of Cisco security technologies. As the name suggests it is required for protecting the systems and the environments from numerous threats and risks in security.

 Written exam on CCIE Security Is for 2 hours 
Lab Exam duration is 8 hours

Topics covered are:
Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention
Secure Connectivity and Segmentation
Infrastructure Security
Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control
Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security 

CCIE Service Provider

The knowledge gained in the CCNP course by the IT professionals is enhanced and improvised at the CCIE Service provider certification course. The course curriculum comprises of validation of the technology which is complex yet is the core of networking, it also includes the overall development of the service provider networking from plan and design to implement and optimize. 

Written exam on CCIE Service Provider 2 hours 
Lab Exam duration is 8 hours
Topics covered are:
Core routing
Architecture and services
Access connectivity
High availability and fast convergence
Assurance and automation
CCIE Wireless

The certification is intended to make the professional capable of illustrating models for hierarchical network designs and architecture with core layers, access, and distribution additionally ability to distinguish between different types of switching mechanisms with information on the Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) and Content Addressable Memory (CAM) including process switching, fast switching, and Cisco Express Forwarding concepts.

Written exam on CCIE Wireless 2 hours 
Lab Exam duration is 8 hours

 Topics covered are:
Plan and Design WLAN Technologies
Configure and Troubleshoot the Network Infrastructure
Configure and Troubleshoot an Autonomous Deployment Model
Configure and Troubleshoot AireOS appliance, virtual, and Mobility Express controllers
Configure and Troubleshoot Wireless Security & Identity Management with ISE
Configure and Troubleshoot Prime Infrastructure and MSE/CMX
Configure and Troubleshoot WLAN media and application services

What is the salary range after CCIE lab Certification?

As per the average Salary for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) in India is ₹993,962.

What is the scope of CCIE graduates?

CCIE certification is claimed to be highly knowledgeable in the field of technology. CCIE professionals prove that their expertise in Network technologies is extensive and exclusive.

The professionals are always in demand as the network industry is always growing.
Any person who is CCIE certified has abundant growth opportunities because it is an exhaustive industry.

The salaries are very attractive, CCIE professionals are paid the best compared to any technical professional.

How many CCIE graduates are there in the world?

CCIE certification being an expert-level certification, the number varies as some of the CCIE professionals get re-certified and some don’t. However, the worldwide spread of the CCIE professionals calculated by according to CCIE numbers is 59,373 CCIEs even if they’re not active. Similarly, according to CCIE Hall of Fame, the numbers are estimated to 56,572. Another way to analyse the numbers through social media is with LinkedIn search because CCIE is a certification anyone would prefer to flaunt or showcase to be found. Therefore by a search method on LinkedIn 51,281 CCIE numbers have shown up.