Master Diploma In Cloud Engineering (MDCE)

Cloud Engineering/Computing : Its getting cloudy?

The latest in the buzzing technology jargon is the “CLOUD”. No, this has nothing to do with the clouds in the sky, but this might be the next big thing. Ever since cloud computing & engineering technologies became prevalent, multinational companies and organizations have been looking for certified professionals who can assist them to harvest the benefits of this technology. With the advent of this new way of business, there is a lot of interest among information technology professionals to get their hands and teeth into the technology.

So what is CLOUD COMPUTING & ENGINEERING? Well it is what happens on a computer network, and it’s not exactly something really new. The Cloud is actually an aggregate of already existing technologies like storage, digital network communication, security, server technologies, and most recently, the virtualization technologies.

Cloud computing is an IT solution, based on resources, where a client company is in need of servers, data storage space, load balancing or any other datacenter resource. The business uses of the cloud is countless. Some of things that can be done by a cloud environment are Client/Server Application Processing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Grid computing.

The first appearance of “cloud” terminology was in 1999 with the introduction of Salesforce, and then in 2002 with the introduction of Amazon Web Services which was the genesis of what would eventually evolve to become a completely new way of approaching and leveraging computing capabilities.

The concept of cloud engineering against the background of cloud computing had been rarely used in the middle of the 2000s. The terminology “cloud engineering” was formally coined around 2007 and the concept of cloud engineering was officially introduced in April 2009.

Learning Cloud Engineering

The hardware side of the CLOUD is the exciting part as far as engineering is concerned. The commercialization and service offerings by adapting softwares which were otherwise sold as packs , now loaded the cloud for use on a subscription basis are more on the computing side.

The engineering side would see to it that the hardware involved in the set up is working smoothly. Also consolidation and optimizing the resources plays a crucial role in the engineering aspect. Some of the more vendor specific technologies are Enterprise Virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere: Installing, Configuring, and Manage; Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric and Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration. Employers strongly advise that students of cloud engineering learn the basics first and then specialize in a select brand of hardware or software used by the enterprise cloud technologies.

Experts and professionals from networking and database specializations will probably have an edge in acquiring skills offered in cloud computing courses relatively faster. An academic background in computer science and engineering would greatly benefit.

Master Diploma In Cloud Engineering (MDCE) from INTERNETWORKZ:

This program is designed for someone who would like to dive into core CLOUD based technologies and grow in it to be an expert. The course would cover the basics of systems, networks, fundamental concept of cloud technologies, storage technologies, datacenter technologies, network, system, and cyber security. The course is spread over 12 months giving adequate time for students to learn and get familiar with technologies.

Live hands-on experience with these technologies is the highlight of the program. The student post MDCE training and certification would be a thought leader in the field and also provide a platform future and further explore opportunities on the CLOUD.

Modes Of Training

Regular batches.


900 Hrs, spread over 8-12 months.

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